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Murray  Binning
Eulogy from the service for Murray - From Tony Beckett.  Murray, a long time laser sailor died on 4 June 2008 aged 65

Murray’s interest in sailing was kindled by the establishment of the Laser Class.


From 1974 the growth of the Class was phenomenal. The easy to rig and low maintenance aspects were of great appeal. Team Binning emerged from these sailing friendships with Murray marrying  Philippa Rogers (18034) in 1977. Tamaki Yacht Club regularly raced fleets of fifty plus on a Saturday afternoon. Similar numbers turned out on a Wednesday night for races conducted by the Auckland Central Laser fleet during the period of daylight saving. It was very active in promoting varied Laser events. Murray was one of it’s driving forces. 


For Murray,the regulatory 6 .00 pm pharmacy closing never came early enough. On the dot of 6 he was scurrying to the Club. This eagerness for work/lifestyle balance continued.  While most pharmacies opened on Saturday trading, Murray elected to open for Saturday mornings only prior to Christmas.

Murrays sailing interest diversified in the 1990’s.The three main classes at TYC at the timewere the Laser, Mistral and Javelin.  Murray is the only member who owned one of each at the same time. Until recently, he enjoyed recreational sailing in his 1993 Worlds Laser.

In 1978 Murray came on to the Tamaki General Committee as the delegate from the Auckland Central Laser fleet. In 1981 he took on the role of Club Captain ; in 1985  became Vice Commodore, and stepped up to Commodore in 1988.

Throughout his time at Tamaki , Murray was the proverbial tower of strength. He was right into the difficult parts of patrol boats and Clubhouse maintenance – a most practical handy man yet with an eye for the detail - doubtless honed from his earlier interest in restoring classic cars.

A particular interest in race management grew from a key role in the IYRU World Women’s championships run by the Club. This developed into a race officer role with Bucklands Beach Yacht Club in a Louis Vuitton Cup.

During his term as Commodore,  the Clubhouse underwent major renovation ; a sailing school was established . In 1991, his last year as Commodore , the Club hosted the Cherub Worlds, three National Championships,  YNZ Youth Trials, and ran the 470 / Finn course at Olympicsail.

In 1992 at the end of the term Murray continued sailing Javelins, but the boys’ sailing interests and the call of keel boat sailing drew him towards the path of ….. Commodore at  Bucklands !

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Murray Binning

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