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Windsurfing is a sport for everyone, of any age to enjoy. Windsurfing is not only a radical lifestyle water sport, but its a family and holiday sport, which can be done on any water surfaces in the world and in any light breeze. Nowdays there are boards which can be fun also in non planning conditions.

There is a whole new generation of windsurfers starting to windsurf thanks to the evolution of the material, such as easy and light rigs for kids, inflatable windsurf boards and sup, warm and comfortable wetsuits for colder weather and much more. New windsurfing brands on the market with great innovating ideas, new motivation, which are pushing windsurfing to become once again a very popular sport. So if you just had your first steps and enjoyed SUP, maybe it's time to put a windsurfing sail on it and get some extra fun.


New Zealand sailing offers a wide range of Windsurfing/Sailboarding equipment including: Boards, Rigs, Accessories and Water Wear.

Our staff at our store in Silverdale can give you the advice you need when selecting  Windsurfing Gear to suit your needs and style of sailing.


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