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Finding the Standard Laser® a little underpowered?  Did you struggle at the 2007 Laser Nationals in Kerikeri?

Rooster Sailing Ltd has finished testing and development of a new class of boat – theRooster 8.1. It’s a new rig that is compatible with the Laser®Hull yet delivers an amazing performance that would suit anyone over 90Kg. The Rooster Sailing Ltd recommended handicap number for the Rooster 8.1 is 1051 (persons 1, rig U, Spin 0).

The Rooster 8.1 sail is constructed with long life and performance in mind. In addition to 4oz Dacron cloth in the main body, the leech is constructed of Mylar, as this is where the highest loads occur. This means that permanent leech stretch is reduced to almost zero. Leech flutter in between battens is eliminated. The Bi-radial construction contributes to increased cloth stability and so making the sail easier to control its power. The large window also helps with visibility when racing. Mainsheet loads are slightly less than the Standard rig, and vang loads are slightly higher. The rig is more like a Jaguar than a Porche, which means you get a steady power delivery upwind. Its downwind performance is amazing once you are past the beam and planing is easy in most conditions. Rudder loads are reduced too.

TheRooster 8.1 is compatible with Laser® but is not an original Laser® Product.  It’s a Rooster Sailing Product!

Laser® is a registered trademark of Performance Sailcraft Europe Ltd, Performance Sailcraft Australia Ltd, Performance Sailcraft Japan Ltd and Vangard Sailboats inc. Rooster Sailing Ltd is fully independent of the Performance Sailcraft Europe Ltd, Performance Sailcraft Australia Ltd, Performance Sailcraft Japan Ltd and Vangard Sailboats inc.

Below are comments from Sailors in the UK who have just begun to use the Rooster 8.1
Customer Reviews
  Why buy a standard Laser Sail?, 4.26.2007
Reviewer: John Moore (South Harrow, Middlesex)

My first race with the new sail was the summer Wednesday series, in light winds, I finished 2nd on the water within touching distance of a RS300(finished 4th) and third overall after a lighting and 1st place oppi. I'm normally at the middle to back of the fleet. The sail has great shape which everyone comments on. I'm looking forward to great things this summer. John Cheers John


  5th Gear Found with an 8.1, 3.12.2007
Reviewer: Gavin Sharp (Gosport, Hampshire)

Well, I am over 90Kg (well over unfortunately) and for many years have longed for a single hander for which I could be competitive in, sails well on the sea, does not weigh the same as a 505 and has a plentiful supply of second hand boats, the impossible dream. With the advent of the Rooster 8.1 my prayers would seem to have been answered, so it was with some trepidation that I took up Steve's offer of a sail on Saturday. The conditions were glorious, 15 to 20 knots of breeze, wind over tide producing some good waves, the sun out and pretty mild. I have sailed a Laser on and off for the last 20 years and am well aware of how they feel in these conditions with a lump like me inside. I am glad to say this was now in a completely different boat to what I was used to it was lithe, nimble and exciting. For the first time I could drive the boat down wind and waves not getting stuck in the troughs, 5th gear had finally been found. As the final test I lined up against a good friend of a similar weight who normally sails quicker than me downwind. I took 20 to 30m out of him in 150m of sailing. In short the Rooster 8.1 has delivered a boat for the big guy, which is a market the major dinghy manufactures have completely ignored. . Will it be faster than a standard laser? That is a more complex question, the optimum weight to sail a laser would appear to be 80-82 Kg, what this rig does is make the boat feel that way for a larger sailor. The more important element for me is that sailing a Laser can be fun again.


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