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Day 3 Report. 

 Day 3 was another fantastic clear sunny day and you can see why tight water restrictions are in place. This time the light Westerly gradient breeze won the battle for most of the first race until the last 100m when the sea breeze came in from the opposite direction, pushing all the back markers into photo finishes with the front of the fleet as the whole fleet finished at the same time after the beat changed to a flat out run.  The front runners could only watch as the rest of the fleet brought the breeze down to them.  It was a better day for the Kiwi’s except for Marcus Frith who injured himself the previous day and retired from the Regatta.  Marcus kindly gave his charter boat to Mike Keeton who used it well getting a 2nd & a 1st in the Standard rig.  Mike Knowsley also had a good day in the Radial winning the first race with Mark Page 2nd.  The second races got underway in a 5-8 knot steady seas breeze and Mike Pasco led the Radial fleet around every mark extending to a 200m lead around the final mark but the sea breeze had done its dash for the day and Masters Radial World Champion Greg Adams did well to come from back in the fleet and win the race as the front runners were again past by the back of the fleet in the final beat.  Mike Keeton managed to hold his lead on the final beat won the Standard Rig race convincingly.

 Standings at the end of Day 3 for the Kiwi Sailors:

Standard Rig                 R5        R6

5th Mike Keeton              2         1

6th Barry Cutfield           26         6

11th Colin Caldwell         9           8

15th  Ray Beale               14         11

Marcus Frith                  Retired

Radial Rig

4th Mike Knowsley           1          6

7th Mark Page               2          8

11th Mike Pasco              16         2

25th Jim Quinn               26         19

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