Day 2 Report. 

 Day 2 was another fantastic clear sunny day and this time the Westerly gradient breeze won the battle against the sea breeze.  When racing finally started the condition were completely different  from Day 1 with 20 knot gusts and a steep & short wind against tide chop.  Race 1 in the Radial was an interesting race again and ruined the 2006 Masters World Champ & most of the well placed Kiwi’s chance of wining the Regatta after most of the top sailors followed New Zealand’s Mark Page round the wing mark (rather than the top mark) and reached off into oblivion.  Most of the fleet followed along with the Standard Fleet which started second but the tail of the fleet including the leader in the Radials, Richard Bolt from NSW sailed the correct course and picked up his first win.  The Standard fleet had time to adjust and experienced some thrilling blast reaching and running in the strong winds and steep chop.  Some of the Kiwi’s struggled in these Tamaki like conditions and some of the charter boats took on a lot of water & Marcus Firth was unfortunate to have his hiking strap & Traveller break forcing his retirement for the day.  Next year there is a plan to have new charter boats available.

 In the 2nd races of the day were held similar conditions with slightly stronger winds.  Australia Peter Conde revelled in the conditions and won both races in the Standard Rig and New Zealand’s Mark Page finally got it all together and won the 2nd race with good downwind speed.  Standings at the end of Day 2 for the Kiwi Sailors:

Standard Rig     R3        R4

4th Barry Cutfield           6 11

8th Colin Caldwell            9          8

11th Mike Keeton            19        9

18th  Ray Beale               21         23

31th Marcus Frith           31         DNS

Radial Rig

10th Mike Knowsley        22         10

12th Mike Pasco              24         18

14st Mark Page               DNF       1

24th Jim Quinn               19         22



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