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The first step in rigging the sail is to feed the mast into the luff sleeve over the top of the battens.


Now the mast in in the sailthe mast base can be inserted. for the 5.5m nano the luff is 438cm long and the mast is 430cm long so 8cm of extention is needed. 


The downhaul rope can now be threaded through the sail, care should be taken to avoid the rope crossing over itself. 


downhaul tension can now be applied, this can be tensioned until the sail just touches the extension. we use a chinook downhaul tool to make this easy.


The boom can now be clamped to the mast.



The outhaul rope on the boom can be attached and tensioned until the sail just touches the boom when the boom is set to the length specified for the sail.


The uphaul can be looped around the extension. note the excess downhaul line has been knotted to keep it out of the way.


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