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Nexus (Silva) and Accessories

Silva S73R Laser Adaptor . This is the U shaped adaptor which is attached to the spider comes with holes pre drilled to take the Silva 73R compass adaptor.
This Fitting is shown in the middle of the picture between the 73R compass and the Laser® Compass Spider for the ... - More Details



Rooster Laser� Compass Spider for new control lines
This fitting allows the 103R or RE compasses to be fitted to Laser® that have the new control lines.  It fits ... - More Details



Nexus (Silva) 73 R Mini Racing Compass. Used by Steve Cockerill to win Laser Radial Master Worlds 2006
73R is the perfect combination compass. It can be installed in any inclination or position with a bracket that allows ... - More Details



Nexus (Silva) Universal hand held compass with one bracket & battery illumination
70UNE has the same features as the 70UN, but additionally comes with a built-in diode illumination, powered by two ... - More Details



Nexus (Silva) 103PE designed for bulkhead-mount. Optional mastbracket
  This compass is the same as the 103 P but has the double scale, divided into a green starboard and a red ... - More Details



Nexus (Silva) 103RE Elite racing compass. The Elite is the ultimate racing compass designed forLaser� and other dinghies.
This compass is the same as the 103 RE but has the double scale, divided into a green starboard and a red port scale, ... - More Details



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