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NZ Wave Nationals, ISAF World Sailing Cup and Gear Reviews: June 2015 

We have been very busy supporting sailors and watermen for competitions in the last month!


ANZAC day this year brought fantastic conditions for a later in the season NZ Wavesailing Nationals typically held in Easter. Here's a report from team rider David Law with photos from SURF PHOTO NZ


"Over the ANZAC weekend I took Exocet to the NZ Wave Nationals in Taranaki. I was my first time in this amazing part of the country, but I had Keith Stark, another Exocet rider, and Chris the Bolt to show me the rope.

Going with experienced friends was the key as they were able to help ease the nerves on the beach and share the fun of launching over boulders and navigating reefs. It was champagne conditions on day 1 which made competition wave sailing that bit easier; the sky was blue, the mountain was snow-capped and the waves were a friendly half-mast height. Off shore DLT riding at Kina Road was spectacular. 
Oh Gear!
Gear choice was a problem, especially for us Northerners. The locals and the Wellingtonians had great experience and skills at wobbling out to the right spot; they wasted little energy and knew how to choose waves. I took the full Exocet range and chose my X-wave 101 and a Shark 4.7. They were perfect for getting out back and beating others onto the wave. Most of the pros, however, opted for their low volume slasher boards which allowed them to crank the turns and shred the pocket. I was pleased with my choice; it was a good compromise for my Naki novice wave rider status.


Big ups to the other competitors; they were sensational riders. The Wellingtonians were super skilled and the locals showed sublime riding talents. Read last month's WNZ Newsletter for a proper performance report. I learned heaps throughout the event and was honoured to meet some of the big NZ names of wave-sailing. It made me proud to see our Auckland talent ripping it up.
It's a great place and I can't wait for the Wave Classic later in the year.
Two topics of windsurfing conversation. 
1) Body weight.
In Auckland we are mostly obsessed with holding bigger gear to push through the lulls: big is good! In Down the Line land, though, light weight is your friend. It allows you to ride that beautiful super-tuned wave weapon & the one partners hate when you take it to bed at night. 
2) Vehicles
The second topic concerns the perfect vehicle for making the 5 hour trip to New Plymouth. Some had roof-racked station wagons, others panel vans. Keith Stark seemed unaffected by journeying in his 4.2 turbo Territory. James Dinnis has a Lwb VW diesel, which would be equally swag to drive and cheaper on the gas. All I can say is that my 2-litre town-van is fine for pootling around the Hibiscus coast, but on those hills and bends it felt like I was driving a sewing machine."






We had an awesome performance from our team sailors over at the Weymouth ISAF Sailing World Cup with Andrew Murdoch coming in 3rd just behind Josh Junior. Andy Maloney finished up another great regatta in 7th with team mates Sam Meech and Thomas Saunders following closely in 8th and 12th. See the full NZL Sailing Team report by Jodie Bakewell-White here!

andrewmurcdoch weymouth11391792_1087091731305350_2194768115487605442_n1502664_1118559191504268_1309285431745682053_o




ELK FINS - a review by Slalom/ Formula Sailor Tim Wood

"After my trip to the PWA Event in New Caledonia where I had a very long, in-depth and informative conversation with Josh Angulo about the differences between G10 and Carbon fins, I bit the bullet, took his advice and purchased some quality carbon fins and all I can say is WOW!..
They are much more forgiving and easier to use than G10; it feels like they do a lot of the work for you.
Their slalom blades are elliptical so something to consider if you are in to do-or-die blasting over rough water.
Elk Plus Limited, the manufacturer, is a really high tech manufacturer not a garden shed company. More and more of the top guys it seems are recognizing the value of using serious manufacturers whose quality standards and systems can deliver impeccable products consistently as lots of the guys on the PWA are now using them.
Just take Ross Williams, he has just won the Formula Worlds in 2014 using one of these Elk Fins and was 4th at the PWA event in Korea 2015 using their slalom fins and Gonzalo Costa Hoevel won the 2015 Formula Worlds and Janis Preiss was 2nd using Elk Fins."


                             ELK SLALOM FIN                                        JANIS PREISS WITH ELK FORMULA FIN


Featured Products this month!


Thule Roof Rack Systems

940x435_theme_bike_ Obanner7


Thule is a household name when it comes to transportation systems for your car, whether you're going to the mountain, the beach, or bike track, Thule's got what you need!


THU 841 - Thule Lockable Roof Rack Straps (pair)    810xt_810_oc_sized_450x300THU 96 - Thule Wing Bars

 Lockable Straps - Your best trip companion    SUP Carrier - Perfect for SUPs and Longboards  Wing Bars - Reduce resistance and noise            




Exocet RS5.5 and 6.5 2015 Pro Carbon Slalom Race Board


The Exocet RS Series has a good amount of vee beneath the mast foot to provide maximum release in gusty winds, also offering good upwind abilities in all conditions. With its carbon construction, the RS combines strength & stiffness with super light weight, helping to ensure that this board is a racing beast that will bring you to maximum velocity in an instant.


RS5.5 - 126L - 233cm long - 79cm wide

RS6.5 - 138L - 233cm long - 85cm wide





And finally this month's staff favourite: GUL Ladies Evotherm Top

I took my evotherm out for racing in the harbour in 20+ knots over the weekend, it kept me snug and warm underneath my wetweather gear. Perfect companion for winter sailing! - Louise










See you on the water!




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