NZ Wave Nationals, ISAF World Sailing Cup and Gear Reviews: July 2015 

We're very excited as we've just received several new shipments from Exocet, Point-7 and PATRIK!


Exocet dropped a few preview images of their colourful, new boards at Defi Wind earlier this year... But now we have them in the shop - up close and personal these boards look good!

The new X-Wave



New model X-Cross and updated Cross




Range of RS Pro Carbon boards










ELK FINS - a review by Slalom/ Formula Sailor TimWood

"After my trip to the PWA Event in New Caledonia where I had a very long, in-depth andinformative conversation with Josh Angulo about the differences between G10 and Carbon fins, I bit the bullet, took his advice and purchased some quality carbon fins and all I can say is WOW!..
They are much more forgiving and easier to use than G10; it feels like they do a lot of the work for you.
Their slalom blades are elliptical so something to consider if you are in to do-or-die blasting over rough water.
Elk Plus Limited, the manufacturer, is a really high tech manufacturer not a garden shed company. More and more of the top guys it seems are recognizing the value of using serious manufacturers whose quality standards and systems can deliver impeccable products consistently as lots of the guyson the PWA are now using them.
Just take Ross Williams, he has just won the Formula Worlds in 2014 using one of these Elk Fins and was 4th at the PWA event in Korea 2015 using their slalom fins and Gonzalo Costa Hoevel won the 2015 Formula Worlds and Janis Preiss was 2nd using Elk Fins."


                             ELK SLALOMFIN                                        JANIS PREISS WITH ELK FORMULA FIN


Featured Products this month!


Thule Roof Rack Systems

940x435_theme_bike_ O


Thule is a household name when it comes to transportation systems for your car, whether you're going to the mountain, the beach, or bike track, Thule's got what you need!



 Lockable Straps - Your best trip companion    SUP Carrier - Perfect for SUPs and Longboards  Wing Bars - Reduce resistance andnoise            




Exocet RS5.5 and 6.5 2015 Pro Carbon Slalom Race Board


The Exocet RS Series has a good amount of vee beneath the mast foot to provide maximum release in gusty winds, also offering good upwind abilities in all conditions. With its carbon construction, the RS combines strength & stiffness with super light weight, helpingto ensure that this board is a racing beast that will bring you to maximum velocity in an instant.


RS5.5 - 126L - 233cm long - 79cm wide

RS6.5 - 138L - 233cm long - 85cm wide





And finally this month's staff favourite: GUL Ladies Evotherm Top

I took my evotherm out for racing in the harbour in 20+ knots over the weekend, it kept me snug and warm underneath my wetweather gear. Perfect companion for winter sailing! - Louise










See you on the water!








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