A Day for Lucky & Skilled Lightweights on Final Day of Laser North Islands at Taupo
North Island Champs 07 day 2 001
The variations in the wind direction were not as extreme for the final day of the North Island Laser Championships hosted by Lake Taupo Yacht Club.  First you must have wind before you can have a direction from which it blows!  The plan was for the first races to start @ 10.30 and the Radial fleet did manage to start on time and drift for 20 minutes before the race was abandoned.  The Standard fleet did not get a start away and in the end both fleets were sent back to the club to await some breeze.  The PRO was correct and the wind slowly built until racing could begin.  The wind was very light and only veered and backed through 90 degrees today, so the start lines and courses where not as badly affected leading to less general recalls and penalties than on Day 1.  In the end two of the planned three races were completed, with the top 5 Sailors in each fleet showing their sailing talent in consistently dealing with the tricky conditions and managing to get on the correct side of shifts and finding the pressure that eluded the other 90 sailors.
North Island Champs 07 day 2 012
Convincing winner of the Standard Fleet 184685 James Sandall leads Aaron Hume-Merry 182967 (9th) and Jason Geale 178664 (4th) to the wing mark
The winners, James Sandall from Wairoa Yacht Club & Jo Aleh from Takapuna Boating Club, sailed at a level above even their competitors in top 5.  When they were in the lead they extended and when they were deep in the fleet they worked their way back up to get great results.  James Sandall's worst result was a 4th which he was able to drop and he finished with a net total of 8 points, 9 points better than 2nd placed Andy Maloney from MBBC.
North Island Champs 07 day 2 004
Winner of the Laser Radial Fleet Jo Aleh extreme right 177775 leads Radial fleet. 2nd placed Cameron Mckee centre 185381. 3rd placed Tim Coultman 2nd from left 175279
Jo Aleh also showed her talent in the Radial fleet although her margin of victory was not quite as comfortable as that enjoyed by James.  Her worst result was a 6th in the last race when she rounded the last mark back in the fleet just behind a master. She showed her skills and on the last beat was able to work back up to 6th while the old fella finished 27th.  Jo had done enough though with 2 wins earlier in the Regatta and she beat the very talented 2nd & 3rd placed youth sailors Cameron Mckee from NYC & Tim Coultman from MYC.
North Island Champs 07 day 2 009
Leaders Standard fleet L to R Matt Coutts (6th), James Sandall (1st), David Woods (19th), Blair Mclay (5th), Chris Kitchen (3rd), Max Andrews (11th)
North Island Champs 07 day 2 010
Sara Winther 181881 leads the Radial fleet in the last race at the Wing mark followed by 2nd & 3rd Overall 185381Cameron Mckee & 175279 Tim Coultman who at this stage looked good to Win the competition with eventual winner Jo Aleh well behind.
The other category winners were :
North Island Youth Champion Standard Rig :Andy Maloney MBBC
North Island Youth Champion Radial Rig : Cameron Mckee NYC
North Island Masters Champion Standard Rig : Rohan Lord TBC
North Island Master Champion Radial Rig : Edmund Tan  WBBC
Travis Dow the 2007 New Zealand Laser 4.7 Champion, like the rest of the Laser 4.7 sailors, sailed in the Radial fleet because of the light winds and did very well coming 8th overall.  Travis now heads to South Africa to compete in the Laser 4.7 Worlds and we all wish Travis well and hope that New Zealand will have another Laser World Champion.  Full Results below:

2007 North Island Masters, Open, Radial and 4.7 Laser Championships

Lake Taupo Yacht Club

Results are final as of 20:57 on December 8, 2007

  • Laser Radial Class

    Laser Radial Class

    Sailed:4, Discards:0, To count:4, Entries:46, Scoring system:My scoring system
    Laser Radial1777751stWomanSevenJo AlehTBC4.
    Laser Radial1853812ndYouth Cameron McKeeNYC6.
    Laser Radial1752793rdYouth Tim CoultmanMYC8.
    Laser Radial1819494thApprentice Master Edmund TamWBBC10.
    Laser Radial1888015thWomanN/ACushla Hume MerryEBYMC9.
    Laser Radial1178906thOpen Andrew ChildMBSC27.
    Laser Radial1829957thMaster Michael KeetonWBC3.
    Laser Radial1777758thYouth Travis DowTYC43.
    Laser Radial1818819thWoman Sara WintherTBC30.
    Laser Radial19032810thOpen------Rowan SwansonWorser Bay Boating Club39.
    Laser Radial18880011thYouthIHA (I Hate Auckland)Josh WeeksNapier Sailing Club14.
    Laser Radial19032612thYouthSeafoxAdam LockeTauranga40.
    Laser Radial16212513thOpen Jonathon CloughEBYMBC13.
    Laser Radial18665914thOpenOldsmobileThomas Olds
    Laser Radial19228115thOpen Michael RodgersHBC24.
    Laser Radial516thWoman Rachel BaseviSYC23.
    Laser Radial16393617thYouthAoleusNigel HalliburtonTamaki YC22.
    Laser Radial18021018thWoman Jane MonkOtago1.
    Laser Radial18194919thWoman Miranda PowrieRNZYS15.
    Laser Radial17777220thOpen Darren KennedyTYPBC5.
    Laser Radial18421821stYouth Spencer LoxtonWYC18.
    Laser Radial18788722ndYouth Nicolas CroftManly29.
    Laser Radial1819423rdOpen Luke DeeganHSC17.
    Laser Radial19161824thYouthMegatronJosh PorebskiWBBC7.
    Laser Radial17192425thYouth Cayne JacobsonOYC32.
    Laser Radial18789126thApprentice Master Mike PascoManly12.
    Laser Radial18196927thMaster Bruce JonesWorser Bay Boating Club21.
    Laser Radial18537528thYouth Jimmy MaloneyMBBC41.
    Laser Radial15009229thWoman Michelle BassettTorbay44.
    Laser Radial18880530thYouth Jordan ColesTYPBC16.
    Laser Radial18771731stWomanMucho GustoLaura BaldwinSpinnaker Lake26.
    Laser Radial19032232ndMaster Timothy ShortSYC11.
    Laser Radial17691933rdGreat Grand Master Jim QuinnTamaki Yacht Club20.
    Laser Radial1878934thYouth Robert PascoManly36.0 ZFP30.028.034.0128.0128.0
    Laser Radial17053235thYouthThe Other WomanDan JonesManly42.
    Laser Radial16716436thGrand MasterAardvarkGill WaitingNapier31.
    Laser Radial17938437thApprentice Master Georgi YankovPupuke Boating Club38.
    Laser Radial16213438thMaster Sandra SharlandNYC45.
    Laser Radial18187139thWoman Aevril HibbardTYC37.
    Laser Radial19032740thWomanRiccadonnaDonna HamiltonSYC25.
    Laser Radial18382241stOpen Catherine ChimneySeawanahaka Corinthian Yacht Club44.0 ZFP26.037.045.0152.0152.0
    Laser Radial18666042ndYouth Briar Dye-HutchinsonMurrays Say Sailing Club42.0 ZFP45.038.029.0154.0154.0
    Laser Radial16210543rdWoman Amanda HargreavesEBYC34.
    Laser Radial15888244thYouth Jessica BarrellTSC36.
    Laser Radial19161945thOpenPrawnstarMaximus HawkesRPNYC19.
    Laser Radial15889546thYouth Simon van RynMuritai46.

    Scoring codes used

    ZFP20% penalty under rule 30.2


  • 2007 North Island Masters, Open, Radial and 4.7 Laser Championships

    Lake Taupo Yacht Club

    Results are final as of 21:42 on December 3, 2007

  • Laser Class

    Laser Class

    Sailed:5, Discards:1, To count:4, Entries:50, Scoring system:My scoring system
    Laser1846851stOpenMovin 0nJames SandallWairoa Yacht Club3.02.0(4.0)
    Laser182ndYouth Andy MaloneyMBBC5.08.01.0(9.0)
    Laser1922843rdOpen Chris KitchenTorbay1.0(40.0)
    Laser1786644thOpen Jason GealePBC2.07.0(51.0 DSQ)
    Laser1888045thOpen Blair MclayTYS8.0(11.0)
    Laser1819946thOpen Matt Coutts
    Laser1888077thYouth Jason SaundersTYPBC9.0(41.0)
    Laser1916248thApprentice Master Rowan LordTYC13.
    Laser1829679thOpenn/aAaron Hume-MerryMurrays Bay6.0(15.0)
    Laser18580610thYouth Sam Marshall
    Laser18188011thOpen max andrewsMBSC10.0(38.0)
    Laser17692412thApprentice Master Mike HoodWorser Bay Boating Club15.03.017.0(25.0)
    Laser19161613thMaster Bruce DeeganHSC11.
    Laser17344114thYouth matthew stevenworser bay20.01.0(37.0)
    Laser18537915thYouth Lloyd AndrewsMBSC7.013.0(51.0 DSQ)21.013.0105.054.0
    Laser18436416thOpen Christian SteigerSCSG14.028.0(33.0)
    Laser16868817thApprentice Master Steve FoxLTYC(39.0)
    Laser17222418thApprentice Master Luuk van Basten BatenburgPBC17.016.0(35.0)22.016.0106.071.0
    Laser18881119thOpen David WoodsTYC(40.0)
    Laser19033220thYouth Sam MeechTauranga Yacht and Power boat club23.05.0(51.0 DSQ)4.051.0 DNC134.083.0
    Laser16211221stGrand Master Ray BealePupuke Boating Club21.
    Laser705322ndMaster Mike JonesManly(35.0)
    Laser18199923rdOpen Blair LindsayMBSC4.025.0(51.0 DSQ)10.051.0 DNC141.090.0
    Laser16708824thMasterNautical FoxhunterPete ThomasWakatere Boat Club28.0(35.0)
    Laser16681625thOpen Ben GrewNelson Yacht Club22.036.0(38.0)19.019.0134.096.0
    Laser18538226thYouth Brendan McCartyKerikeri Cruising Club24. DNC)148.097.0
    Laser15699327thOpenSimply RdJosh WildTYC30.024.0(43.0)24.024.0145.0102.0
    Laser15898828thApprentice Master David Barton-GingerWBBC38. DNC)154.0103.0
    Laser16013729thYouth Michael GuthrieLTYC(42.0)
    Laser17221930thMasterCut n ThrustBarry CutfieldWBC41. DNC)159.0108.0
    Laser16665831stMaster Andrew Dellabarca DNC)160.0109.0
    Laser16581732ndYouth Chris JonesWorser Bay Boating Club31. DNC)164.0113.0
    Laser18788633rdApprentice MasterSlugmeister 2007Dean StanleyWBBC25. DNC)166.0115.0
    Laser18171934thMaster Nick PagePupuke34. DNC)169.0118.0
    Laser15714135thGrand Master Ross WrennNSC19. DNC)169.0118.0
    Laser12339136thMaster Mark MacintoshPOYC36. DNC)173.0122.0
    Laser18538337thMaster Chris SadlerTamaki29. DNC)177.0126.0
    Laser17691638thYouth Carl SymanWBBC33. DNC)181.0130.0
    Laser16392739thMaster Barry FoxPSC43. DNC)182.0131.0
    Laser14892940thMasterBig NoseJohn ColtmanMuritai44. DNC)183.0132.0
    Laser16213541stApprentice MasterGoing SoloRob WoodwardWBBC26. DNC)184.0133.0
    Laser17528342ndMasterMr Has BeanPaul ThomasMuritai27. DNC)198.0147.0
    Laser18789143rdYouth Rawiri GeddesKCC45. DNC)204.0153.0
    Laser18196744thMasterOld FartPeter Van Ryn DNC)51.0 DNC205.0154.0
    Laser18171245thOpen Tom ConnalKBC37. DNC)205.0154.0
    Laser18468446thMaster Paul TurnerWakatere49. DNC)221.0170.0
    Laser16211747thMaster Steve RobertsonLTYC46. DNC)226.0175.0
    Laser16888848thApprentice Master Craig RobertsonLTYC48. DNC)235.0184.0
    Laser10042849thGreat Grand Master Dave BrettLTYC50. DNC)235.0184.0
    Laser18665750thMaster Graham SharlandNYC47.050.0(51.0 DSQ)51.0 DNC51.0 DNC250.0199.0

    Scoring codes used

    DNCDid not come to the starting area51


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