Today we had lighter winds for the first race and part of the 2nd race.  In the Radial Apprentice Fleet Mark Page did not have it all his own way and rounded the top mark 4th in the first race.  He battled well though and managed to get the lead and win but with about 25 boats finishing within 50m of him.  His main rival finished outside the top ten taking some pressure off.  In the 2nd race the wind got a bit stronger and Mark managed to win a little easier.  His rival finishing about 10 places back so Mark can sleep a little easier.  The 2 Mikes were battling in the pack which with the lighter conditions meant that there were a lot of boats that had not been previously been in contention fighting for the top places.
The same was true in Radial Masters with the lighter conditions making this fleet very competitive as well, Mike Keeton did well to get a 15th and 18th after swimming in the 2nd race.
In the Radial Great Grand Masters fleet Mike Shields had a good first race and a great 2nd race crossing ahead of the legend from USA Peter Seidenberg and finishing 4th on the water but a number of boats were OCS and so this could possibly improve to 3rd.  Sandy Grigg and Tony Park had their drop for the first race and did better in the 2nd but Sandy was OCS so he hopefully had both his drops today.  Tom Speed crossed the line 4th in the first race but is currently scored last without any explanation at this stage and finished 9th in the 2nd race.  Mark Miller had some good parts of racing today with one race with 5 Kiwis in the Top Ten at the first mark including Jim Quinn who had a drop for the 1st race but had his best result yet a 10th in the 2nd.  Steven Phillips continued to enjoy himself and made another 100% improvement on yesterday today as he got 2 results beating an Austrian who didn't put his bung in and sank.


In the Standard Masters fleet the conditions of light winds and chop did not suit Wayne Ferguson (above) and he has just bought a new Rooster 8.1 Rig to be more competitive in these conditions.  As the racing progressed he did have fun sailing with the Grand Masters fleet which started 5 minutes later and Wayne is now the only sailor to enjoy sailing with three different age groups.  Wayne had a good innings today with 94 points but unfortunately this is not cricket.  Colin Caldwell had his best result so far in the 2nd race with a 18th and this may have taken him above the cut line for the Gold Fleet after starting the day 59th. 4 places short of the cut.  Barry Cutfield starred today enjoying the conditions being exceptional quick downwind and scored a 16th and 11th.
In the Grand Masters fleet Bob Blakey has decided to throw away his fancy new laser clew slide.  Enough said.  Jack Hanson did well with a good first race and a discard for the 2nd race.
Yesterday while leaving the beach Steven Phillips, had his head down playing with his lines and managed to ram into an already capsized boat and capsized himself ending up in a water.  After he and French Female skipper finally untangled the boats and parted the French female sailor called Steven back to help her as her boat was blowing away faster than she could swim after it.  Steven being a gallant gentleman promptly tacked back and rammed her boat again, capsized and ended up in the water again.  When he finally got his boat untangled and back onboard, the French Female sailor, who still had not managed to get to her boat, asked Steven very politely to sail away.  Its great at these events that Steven was able to understand her request even with the language barrier!  Tomorrow is a rest day and the sailors and the event organisers & volunteers will be glad of the rest.  Everyday free lunches and refreshments are provided as well as heaps of assistance for launching and retrieving (below).   



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