Another great day in Roses with conditions very similar to yesterday 15 knots and good waves.  Full results are on the event website by fleet.
In the Radial Apprentice fleet the Kiwis performed the same as yesterday with Mark Page smoking the fleet again and 2 Mikes thinking they could have done better after heading to the wrong top mark on first beat in the 1st race and Mike Pasco swimming again in the 2nd race.  The only problem for Mark Page is that the while he keeps beating the the fleet by almost a leg the Dutch sailor who is coming second is managing by combinations of good sailing and people swimming in front of him to secure 4 second places so Mark only has a 3 point lead.  Mike Pasco (above) is seriously considering sailing without a mainsheet block as he seemed to go so well yesterday without one!  Mike Knowsley shown below left in a good position at the Top Mark.
Mike Keeton (above right) had a great first race in the Radial Masters fleet with a 2nd place and was going well in the 2nd race when he got pinged by the international jury for a rule 42 penalty on the reach and his penalty turn, turned into a swim then irons etc etc which can very easily happen in these winds & waves!
In the Great Grand Master Radial fleet.  Sandy Grigg had a good day with 2 solid results.  Tom Speed, who has had to buy a new tiller and tiller extension at very very expensive prices as his NZ gear got lost on the journey to Spain, did well in the first race but broke his brand new extension in the 2nd but still managed a good result.  Tony Park did well and hunted around the course with the rest of his Tamaki mates.  Michael Shields struggled today and the conditions are starting to wear the fleet down.  Jim Quinn had a good 2nd race as he recovers from his knock on the head suffered yesterday.  Mark Miller sailed consistently again today.  Stephen Phillips continues to enjoy himself and managed to get a score today.

 Mike Pasco gybing round the bottom mark
In the Standard Masters fleet Colin Caldwell had some good upwind speed today getting to the Top Mark in the top 5 both races but that wave with his name on it keeps hunting him.  Wayne Ferguson had a better day today sailing in his correct age group and fleet.  Barry Cutfield didn't quite reach the heights of his best race yesterday but was happy with his results.
In the Standard Grand Master fleet Jack Hanson and Bob Blakey have tried starting at different ends of the line and going off in different tacks but they still managed to be fighting each other on the last beat to the finish of each race again today.  Both were happy with their results.
Day 3 has started with the 1 minutes silence in respect to Standard Fleet Race Committee member & local Antonio Morales who died last night in his sleep.  Wind seems a little lighter and the Kiwi team is ready to go!



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