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Bic G Board (soft surfboards) 5'6" Kid twin fins -S5291 G Board 5'6" Kid twin fins
Our Price: NZ$529.00


Click image to enlarge S5291 G Board 5'6" Kid twin fins

Strength and safety at every stage, designed for beginners

The criteria for making a perfect soft surfboard are simple. You need suitable shapes and extreme durability, but transferring that design criteria into reality is where the simplicity stops. The G-Boards gets about as close to those criteria as physically possible. G-Boards make learning to surf Easy & Safe. The range is split into three categories:

The G-Boards Kid (ORANGE): our brand new board specially developed for children weighing less than 40kg.
G-Boards Classics (RED): catering to the needs of the first-time board buyers who specifically want a soft surfboard at a reasonable price.
G-Boards Original (BLUE): the original G Board with unbeatable durability. The Original range is designed for high wear & tear featuring a reinforced stringer to cope with the trying demands of commercial surf school use.

G Board & Legend

5'6" / 168 cm
19.40" / 49 cm
2.50" / 9 cm



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